HGF & Random Pooch Animation

Quick sketches while watching His Girl Friday (had major deja vu even tho I know I'd never seen it before). And so I found...His Girl Friday is a remake of THE FRONT PAGE (1931) which Billy Wilder had remade in '74 with Lemmon and Matthau (that one I had seen). Finally found where they pulled Jennifer Jason Leigh's character from for Hudsucker. 

Had a bit of time to kill before I met up a friend for dinner tonight so I did this random thing: 
Larger w/ better detail on youtube.





Had a great 10 mile run this weekend! Not a block from my apartment some lady rolls thru a stop sign and almost hits me. Usually I kinda smile and wave as it's pretty hard to see people in this area sometimes (I know I've had a few close calls when I'm driving), but this was in the middle of the day and I was in a really, really good mood...so I couldn't help myself. I opened with a Ratso inspired "I'm F#%&ing running here!", unleashed a torrent of flavorful words and helpful advice, "OPEN YOUR F%#&ING EYES! YOU FAT SAC OF S#^T!!" As I was saying it I realized how funny this all was and knew I had to bail before I started laughing. And so with an extended middle finger and an enthusiastic "EAT IT!!" I took off down the street with a smile! It was a good long run.


Acuarela Sketches

Tried out some watercolors while watching THE VISITOR, a movie I can finally recommend! (Instead of the usual crap I've been watching.)  Same writer/director of Win Win, which I also very much enjoyed.



Cara a Cara

Personas en PDX.

Basket Case

A few sketches I did while watching the most heartwarming film I've seen in quite some time.

I'd like to see this as a buddy travel movie with Toots & the Maytals playing in the background.

Basket Case Trailer (little bit of blood in there, in case you're sensitive to that sort of thing.)


Happy Pooch

I blame Basket Case and Cronenberg for this.

Best Paired with (SketchTrack):


Gouache Sketches

Bought some art supplies and brought out an old (pretty much unused) gouache set. I don't do much color work besides digital washes and what not, it's been fun to experiment.

Enjoyed some great hourly comics yesterday!



¡Hora de cenar!

Didn't get much time to draw last night...after work and training. Here are some quick sketches for another pooch piece. Boozehounds closing bars and STEAK DINNERS (food has been on my mind as my 60 day juice fast comes to a close, smoothie week here I come!).