Had a great 10 mile run this weekend! Not a block from my apartment some lady rolls thru a stop sign and almost hits me. Usually I kinda smile and wave as it's pretty hard to see people in this area sometimes (I know I've had a few close calls when I'm driving), but this was in the middle of the day and I was in a really, really good mood...so I couldn't help myself. I opened with a Ratso inspired "I'm F#%&ing running here!", unleashed a torrent of flavorful words and helpful advice, "OPEN YOUR F%#&ING EYES! YOU FAT SAC OF S#^T!!" As I was saying it I realized how funny this all was and knew I had to bail before I started laughing. And so with an extended middle finger and an enthusiastic "EAT IT!!" I took off down the street with a smile! It was a good long run.

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