Holga Pics- Lincoln City

Went to the coast last weekend and snapped some Holga. Only B&W I had was 800 so it blew out on the beach. Fuji Color 400. Contrast and Saturation upped a bit in photoshop. And I realize that except for my Chucks all the photos are of two ladies. Nicole (see hungry hippo drawing a few posts ago) and Edwina (who actually is as pretty as she thinks she is. F-YOU FOOTCH!!)



this was part of on old comic strip:



New and old sketches from books. Apologies for the blurring of text. I use these things as a journal so lots of top secret shite in em.

I keep trying to draw Turnham...and I should just stop.

The guy on the right was having a conversation with whom I believe to be a work buddy. But as I was sketching I noticed he had what I assumed to be boner pants. Didn't draw those in as I was getting a little self-conscious, and he later noticed I was sketching him.
Sketch done in Life Drawing; my ladyfriend doesn't like the way I draw boobs. so I'm not allowed to draw her. (yet.)
As always started drawing piggies. And radiation babies being mauled by animals:

Couch park. (pronounced COOTCH, I just finally got used to that.) Yay, Portland!
Lincoln City, coast. Drawin' Mutt mutts on the beach.
Pooches: I have a tendency to draw animals in mid flight or launching out of things.
Mt. Hood, Meadows Parking lot. I'd sit and sketch while ladyfriend tears it up on the mountain. I don't really know how to snowboard.
Old Metzger sketches.



Haven't updated in a while. Here are some sketches, photos and what not.

The Footch: buddy Edwina Juan. He likes to think he's prettier than this.

Holga: 800 Fujicolor. Bagdad Theater, Portland OR.

Random sketches:

This last one was done by ladyfriend Nicole Fitzhugh. The thing cracks me up, I love it! Hungry Hungry Hippo: