Haven't updated in a while. Here are some sketches, photos and what not.

The Footch: buddy Edwina Juan. He likes to think he's prettier than this.

Holga: 800 Fujicolor. Bagdad Theater, Portland OR.

Random sketches:

This last one was done by ladyfriend Nicole Fitzhugh. The thing cracks me up, I love it! Hungry Hungry Hippo:


Why Edward Juan? said...

wassup with the elephant drawing!? and i AM prettier than those drawings.

samacleod said...

love your drawings, i wish you dumped more on this blog thing more often, amazing amazing drawings, you're a genius.

Khylov said...

I still have a copy of Herr Metzger, the little Tibetan prayer book version. Always reminds me of the apt. 131 days.
And dammit, I don't have your signature on it. What was I thinking.

Lissa said...

Julian, i love that you're updating this blog. I also love that someone is FINALLY creating an accurate depiction of edward juan ;)

Anonymous said...

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