New and old sketches from books. Apologies for the blurring of text. I use these things as a journal so lots of top secret shite in em.

I keep trying to draw Turnham...and I should just stop.

The guy on the right was having a conversation with whom I believe to be a work buddy. But as I was sketching I noticed he had what I assumed to be boner pants. Didn't draw those in as I was getting a little self-conscious, and he later noticed I was sketching him.
Sketch done in Life Drawing; my ladyfriend doesn't like the way I draw boobs. so I'm not allowed to draw her. (yet.)
As always started drawing piggies. And radiation babies being mauled by animals:

Couch park. (pronounced COOTCH, I just finally got used to that.) Yay, Portland!
Lincoln City, coast. Drawin' Mutt mutts on the beach.
Pooches: I have a tendency to draw animals in mid flight or launching out of things.
Mt. Hood, Meadows Parking lot. I'd sit and sketch while ladyfriend tears it up on the mountain. I don't really know how to snowboard.
Old Metzger sketches.


Why Edward Juan? said...

You finally posted something. good.
you should post the holga pics along with them.

Khylov said...

Personally, I'm glad someone finally tackled the subject of boner pants. You beat PBS to the punch on that one.

agent ouchie said...

i really wish you had of drawn the pants. i love your sketches. especially the pig swimming.

Anonymous said...

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