Friendleton Ward

So my buddy Pen came up for a few days and crashed on my couch. His birthday is today...we celebrated last night on 21st street, hoppin' from bar to bar chattin' 'bout shit.

Did a quick color sketch while watching Charles Bronson kick ass in Death Wish.



I came across these recently. My brother and I formed a band back in my first year of college '98. I was going thru some shit at the time, it's funny to listen to the mindset I had way back then and how I used to handle things. We toured for a summer, an incredible one at that. Every time we'd walk into Kansas dive bars we swore the type of crowds would hate our music and eventually beat the shit out of us. The funny thing was by the end of the night we'd have em all dancing around, drunk of their asses, kickin their boots and having a great time.

We recorded these in the studio before we went on tour so we got better by the end of the tour, my other tracks are scratched, the ones my brother wrote. I'm off alot of the time as I was sick when we recorded and as cheesy as some of the lyrics are it's been really good to revisit them. Hope you all enjoy: Had to make them video files cuz this damn thing doesn't post MP3's; maybe I just haven't figured it out. Quality is a little poor.

Stanley Kay

Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey, he passed away earlier that year.

You Don't Mean

This one's so bitter, but man it cracks me up! Starts a little slow but it picks up. High school romance.

More Than Ever Before

First attempt at something a little more serious. Haha, man I was F'n down in the dumps then. GOOD TIMES!!!

It's pleases me to know I'm not the same person I was back then. He was a good guy, just kind of a dick and bit confused.


Coraline is out on DVD!

A few boards from the first sequence I attempted on Coraline. Took out the dialog as its just selected boards.

she'd spend hours rolling around on the lawn.


Holga Pics- Lincoln City

Went to the coast last weekend and snapped some Holga. Only B&W I had was 800 so it blew out on the beach. Fuji Color 400. Contrast and Saturation upped a bit in photoshop. And I realize that except for my Chucks all the photos are of two ladies. Nicole (see hungry hippo drawing a few posts ago) and Edwina (who actually is as pretty as she thinks she is. F-YOU FOOTCH!!)



this was part of on old comic strip:



New and old sketches from books. Apologies for the blurring of text. I use these things as a journal so lots of top secret shite in em.

I keep trying to draw Turnham...and I should just stop.

The guy on the right was having a conversation with whom I believe to be a work buddy. But as I was sketching I noticed he had what I assumed to be boner pants. Didn't draw those in as I was getting a little self-conscious, and he later noticed I was sketching him.
Sketch done in Life Drawing; my ladyfriend doesn't like the way I draw boobs. so I'm not allowed to draw her. (yet.)
As always started drawing piggies. And radiation babies being mauled by animals:

Couch park. (pronounced COOTCH, I just finally got used to that.) Yay, Portland!
Lincoln City, coast. Drawin' Mutt mutts on the beach.
Pooches: I have a tendency to draw animals in mid flight or launching out of things.
Mt. Hood, Meadows Parking lot. I'd sit and sketch while ladyfriend tears it up on the mountain. I don't really know how to snowboard.
Old Metzger sketches.



Haven't updated in a while. Here are some sketches, photos and what not.

The Footch: buddy Edwina Juan. He likes to think he's prettier than this.

Holga: 800 Fujicolor. Bagdad Theater, Portland OR.

Random sketches:

This last one was done by ladyfriend Nicole Fitzhugh. The thing cracks me up, I love it! Hungry Hungry Hippo: