Bollywood and Bullshit

and so Edwina and I spent most of the night biking and bar hopping around in our costumes ending up at the F-in' FUZZ for Bollywood which turned out to be bullshit...but anything's worthwhile in a costume. So I'm really supposed to be the gator from some russian animated short I can never remember the name of. (the one with that monkey-thing) But as I was trying to put this thing together it ended up more like a t-rex or some sort of lizard.
Ed's a narwahl. His horn was limp through most of the night (and so everyone thought he was a shark) until we found a stick and shoved it in there. He was sick most of the night so he was blowing snot all over the place, just like a dirty narwahl.
I had to lead the way as Edwienerschnitzel couldn't travel very fast. He served a good punchline as people would laugh when I'd zoom by chased by an opened mouth predator shortly after. To more bullshit am Mittwoch! EAT IT!