George C. Scott

Here are two BG's I completed for an IMF-the international music feed spot. I prefer the wide shot though it's only on for a few seconds.

...and man... George C. Scott is incredible in Dr. Strangelove.


Krokodil und Narwhal

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!


Bollywood and Bullshit

and so Edwina and I spent most of the night biking and bar hopping around in our costumes ending up at the F-in' FUZZ for Bollywood which turned out to be bullshit...but anything's worthwhile in a costume. So I'm really supposed to be the gator from some russian animated short I can never remember the name of. (the one with that monkey-thing) But as I was trying to put this thing together it ended up more like a t-rex or some sort of lizard.
Ed's a narwahl. His horn was limp through most of the night (and so everyone thought he was a shark) until we found a stick and shoved it in there. He was sick most of the night so he was blowing snot all over the place, just like a dirty narwahl.
I had to lead the way as Edwienerschnitzel couldn't travel very fast. He served a good punchline as people would laugh when I'd zoom by chased by an opened mouth predator shortly after. To more bullshit am Mittwoch! EAT IT!


Ed Doesn't Like Boobies.

Sketching while watching Five Easy Pieces. Randy Quaid and the WHOOOOORESSSS!!

Ed ordered some onion rings at the Doug Fir and immediately regreted his decision. I told him they were going straight to his ass.



I've always wanted to do stereoscopic drawings and just never really sat down and tried to figure it out. There's some depth issues here but I've managed how to figure out separation of layers and not make them bleed into one another. If anyone one has any suggestions or reference material they could direct me to it'd be much appreciated. So this quick sketch took quite a bit of time to separate and it wasn't until later that I realized I had the colors switched from what's on the glasses. Don't know if it's always standard for Red on the left. So in viewing this image please place Red on the right eye.



A few random drawings I did a while back.


First Post: my brudder's music

So these here are the front and back covers I did for my brothers cd. Check out his music and related things at http://www.luisnarino.com/. It's good stuff.

The front cover:

the back:

and the label on the cd: