ParaNorman is OUT!! GO SEE IT!!!

So finally, after 3 years of hard work, ParaNorman is out today!  I'm super proud of this film and the team that put it together! Go see it, your enjoyment of it is the pay off for all the hard work!!



4th year CalArts film (OLD STUFF)

I get requests about my student films in waves...so I figured I'd try and find a decent copy of it. It's hard looking at old work and wanting to change so many things, though this thing still cracks me up. CalArts was an amazing experience I couldn't even begin to explain. (F'n expensive tho!)


New Paranorman Trailer!

Here's the new trailer for the film I've been storyboarding on the past few years. Can't wait to see it with and audience! 


Por Eso.

Straight Story watercolor sketches. One of my favorite David Lynch movies. Old dudes sharing war stories...amazing.